Welcome to Eat Safe Live Well. Eat safe Live Well is a multi award winning a allergy awareness brand, with a strong focus on holistic living.

Eat Safe Live Well aims to help people with allergies/sensitivities or people with personal choices when it comes to food, Eat Out and when cooking at home.

Eat Safe’s main aim is to promote awareness about allergies and dietary choices, to allow you as the individual to attend, shop and eat with confidence at local shops, restaurants, cafes.

Here at Eat Safe Live Well, we believe that eating out and enjoying food is something that everyone should be able to do. Eat Safe Live Well will provide you with selected businesses and services around Hobart, who have come on board and made it their mission to make eating at their business, just that little bit easier. We also offer an online recipe collection, if you want try you skills in the kitchen.

If you would like a hard copy of our Eat Safe Live Well dietary pocket guide, check out our list of helpful DISTRIBUTORS for up to date locations of where you might find one.

Watch this space for exciting and upcoming events for Eat Safe Live Well 2015.



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  1. This is great – have you considered Fructose Friendly? It is a growing diagnosis (See Dr Sue Shepherd, Monash Uni etc), and a symbol has recently been accepted by the governing bodies and is now available to add to food packing, similar to the GF symbols.

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