Breakfast for Champions

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Happy Sunday beautiful people.

I have a pretty busy day ahead of me, so I thought I would fuel up to get me through the morning.

I wanted to show you that you can whip up a delicious breaky with little ingredients and little time.
Breakfast doesn’t have to consist of cereal, oats or fruit..Veggies are just as good 🙂

So here you go, all this was found in my fridge and pantry….



* Some home grown silverbeet
* Some tuna
* Zucchini
* Some carrot
* Sesame seeds
* Some Halloumi
* coconut oil
* Salt and Pepper
* A dash of good quality soy sauce

So basically I just added all this into a pan, fried up my halloumi and filled my belly with some goodness.

There is no real recipe involved, just use what you have and add some love.

Happy Sunday 🙂