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Did someone say cheese? Check out this awesome recipe to make your own cheese :)Thanks Veronica Cooking Smith!!!



For Labnah Yoghurt Cheese Balls:

500g (17.5oz) Greek-style yoghurt
1 large piece of clean chux, muslin or cheesecloth

To make the cheese:
• Fold the cheesecloth so that it is 2-3 single layers thick. Place the cloth over a bowl. Mix yoghurt in the tub and spoon into the middle of the cheese cloth. Gather the edges up tightly and tie into a knot on the top.
• Using a couple of bamboo skewers, or a chopstick, hang the yoghurt ball over a plastic container and place in the fridge. Allow the whey (milky water) to drip into the container for 12 – 36 hours. The longer you allow it to hang the denser the cheese will become. Pour off the whey (you can keep it for use in smoothies or cake batters instead of water) after the first 12 or so hours.