Lamb Kebabs, with a twist!

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• 400 grams of diced lamb
• 1/2 cup of coconut milk
• 2 x tbs lemon juice
• 1 x tbs paprika
• 1 x tbs ground masala
• 1 x tbs cumin
• 1 cup chickpea flour
• 1 x red capsicum
• 1 x red chilli
• oil for cooking (I used coconut)
• Small handful of mint leaves, to serve
• Natural yogurt to serve (Leave our for dairy free option). 


To start place 8 small kebab sticks into a bowl of water, this will help prevent them from burning.

Now make sure the lamb is diced into nice small cubes, big enough to put on a skewer. Once diced, soak the lamb in the coconut milk, lemon juice, paprika, ground masala and cumin.

Dice up the chilli and add to the lamb marinade. Let the lamb marinate, the longer it marinates the more tender and flavoursome the lamb is. Overnight will give the best results with the flavour, but is still just as tasty if made on the same day. If making on the day, Let the lamb sit there for half an hour to an hour. Whilst the lamb is marinating, preheat your BBQ or grilling plate.

Dice up your red capsium into small cubes, big enough to be threaded on to the skewers.

Once the lamb is marinate remove the lamb and coat it in some chickpea flour. I placed half a cup of chickpea flour into a plastic bag and shook it up, but coating it in a bowl works just as well. Once the lamb is coated thread the lamb and capsicum onto your soaked skewers. Cook kebabs on a medium heat.

Grill for around 5 minutes, turning regularly, to give you nicely charred meat on the outside with juicy pink on the inside. It really important if you want nice soft and tender kebabs to allow the lamb to rest. Thats it. Dice up a small handful of mint to sprinkle over the top and serve with natural yogurt. YUM, YUM!!!!


I decided to coat my kebabs in chickpea flour (besan flour) as Besan flour is naturally higher in protein than wheat-based flours. It gives its a nice nutty taste. Also One-half cup of besan flour has 201 micrograms of folate, compared to 26 micrograms in whole-wheat flour and 182 micrograms in enriched white flour. Folate is something I need to monitor, so this is a yummy way to keep my folate levels up. As lamb is high in protein, this a really healthy and tasty meal. Can be served alone or with a nice green salad!