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Salt block cooking. End result. The chicken was moist and delicious with a delightfully crispy skin and was nicely salted#simple‪#‎healthyeating‬#outdoors….

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Himalayan Salt block cooking. ( blocks available from Bottega Rotolo or Ishka Hobart) salty grilled chicken cooking here tonight, I haven’t done this in a while. I made a smoked paprika, cumin & coconut oil paste, rubbed it into the chicken & popped it onto a hot grill & placed the hot salt block on top, turned the gas on low, closed the BBQ lid & let it cook for approx 1 hour. Eat it straight from the BBQ. Superb. Cooking on (and under) Salt Blocks: Heat cooks and so does salt. What makes cooking on salt so cool is that heat and salt each get a turn to cook in their own way. Heated salt cooks like nothing else, from caramelizing sugars, melting fats, browning proteins and evaporating moisture. Note: make sure it goes into a cold oven & onto a cold BBQ..then turn it on. Otherwise the block will crack if placed into a hot oven or BBQ.‪#‎outdoorentertaining‬#keepingitsimple#withatwist#saltychicken