Spring Vegetable Soup

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olive oil
sea salt and cracked black pepper
clove of garlic crushed
3 baby leeks (or 1 large) chopped
1 brown onion diced
5 baby carrots diced
2 handfuls of chopped green beans
2 potatoes cut into approximately 1 cm cubes
approximately ¾ cup pasta (Gluten Free if need be)
1 can of chopped tinned tomatoes
¾ cup purple cabbage chopped into strips
2 small bok choy
1 cup pea sprouts
4-5 cups of chicken or vegetable stock



To make the soup heat a good lug of olive oil in a pan on a medium heat, add the garlic, onion, leeks, carrot and potato and salt and pepper. Cook for a little while say five minutes, then add the beans and tinned tomatoes. Cook for a few more minutes then add the warm stock (4 cups to start with), bring to the boil and stir and then turn the heat down so it simmers until the vegetables are cooked through and soft but still holding shape. Add the pasta until that is cooked and at this stage you may need to add some more stock depending on how much the pasta has absorbed. At the end add the purple cabbage and once that is soft add in the pea sprouts just before serving.


This recipe was written from our amazingly talented friends  at – www.islandmenu.com.au