What to do with your leftover veggies!

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Today’s Tasty Tuesday is From our ESLW Chef Veronica. Check out her great use for your leftover Veggies. Check out more of Veronicas recipes – https://www.facebook.com/veronicacookingsmith


Want to know what to do with all your old vegetables in the fridge? Don’t waste them, roast them & make a delicious warm salad. This is what I did. I Roasted up some carrots, pumpkins, parsnips, mushrooms & beets, in a little coconut oil, river salt & cumin. Then I roasted the vegetables on 200c for 30min & beets 1 hour, until tender. Mix the the carrots, parsnips, pumpkins & mushroom. Diced up the beets & placed them on top. You could mix all this with some buckwheat & add a poached egg or any meat with a sprinkle of sumac. I did some pork meatballs with pomegranate molasses.